At TBT Preschool, we incorporate a combination of The Creative Curriculum and Pre-K standards(McGraw/Hill). 

Copies of both curriculum are available for review in each classroom and in the preschool office. Our preschool classrooms are divided into many different interest areas / activity centers. Each of these interest areas has its own objectives in developing and guiding the use of cognitive skills, group interactions and energy outlets as well as imaginative and sensory activities. Teaching or learning a skill is not just restricted to one interest area, but may be taught or reinforced at many different interest areas during the school year. Our emphasis is on teaching children to work independently and in groups with materials that will enhance and develop these skill areas. The following is a brief description of the terms used for each interest area and how each one develops skill areas. For specific information on the interest areas used in your child’s classroom, please check with his/her teacher. 

MANIPULATIVE (FINE MOTOR) AREA: develops eye-hand coordination and visual perception skills. Puzzles, pegboards, lacing and other games are used. SCIENCE (INVESTIGATION) AREA: working with magnets, magnifying glasses, plants, rocks, seeds, sounds, smells, etc. to see how the world around us works. 

READING AREA: develops motivation to read and write through listening and retelling stories. Books are changed weekly according to the unit being studied. 

CONSTRUCTION AREA: develops small and large muscle coordination and balance and encourages creativity and promotion of language and math skills. Blocks, legos, small vehicles, etc. are used. 

COMPUTER AREA: develops hand eye coordination and reinforces new concepts. Available for individual use in the 3 year old and Pre-K classrooms. Weekly instruction with specialist given. 

DRAMATIC PLAY (LIFE SKILL) AREA: encourages dramatic play, social interaction and helps to build self-esteem and self confidence. These are accomplished through the use of role-play, puppets, dolls, costumes, tools, etc. 

WRITING AREA: develops and enhances fine motor skills, provides exposures to various writing tools/materials, encourages pre-writing and writing skills. 

JUDAIC AREA: reinforces holiday concepts, introduces various Judaic materials, and integrates religious and secular curricula. Also presented throughout the classroom and in other interest areas. 

ART AREA: encourages individual expression and creativity while developing a sense of personal accomplishment and enhancing fine motor and visual perception skills. 

OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT: gross motor development equipment enhances balance, climbing, coordination and locomotion. Natural environment supports cognitive development in inquiry and discovery. Units covered during the year include Judaic and secular holidays, shapes, colors, numbers, letters, weather, transportation, dinosaurs, heroes, families and heritage, senses, seasons, animals, insects, authors and illustrators, tress, farm, ocean, nutrition, Tzedakah (charity) and other significant topics. 

All our classes also incorporate Jewish Values and Hebrew vocabulary in their daily activities. In addition to the core curriculum from 9:00-1:00, our 9:00-3:00 3 year old and Pre K classes follow a theme based curriculum for the afternoon portion of the day from 1:00-3:00. Parents of children enrolled in these afternoon classes will receive the schedule of afternoon programming during orientation/curriculum night. The following is a sample of 1-3 programming: Monday Language Arts Tuesday Creative Writing Wednesday Writing Thursday Science & Math Friday Nutrition/Fitness All our preschool programs also incorporate Hebrew and Spanish vocabulary in their daily activities.